Saturday, January 8, 2011

Screamtime (1983)

Directed By:

Summing It Up:
Another 80s Horror Anthology from the UK. This one centers around a couple of "punks" and a slutty girl who sit down to watch several stolen horror films on their VCR. Shorts included focus on murderous puppets, a woman suffering from horrific visions, and a man who takes a gardening job, only to find out that the house has a bloody history.

Quick Thoughts: 
In general, I love anthology films (hence the reason why I have watched several in the last few days). Unfortunately, though, this one is pretty much a waste of time. 

Sure, it's a poorly made cheapie from the 80s video boom, with some of the worst acting and dialog I've come across recently, and the effects are ridiculous. However, while I can normally get past all of those things (and usually have fun laughing at them), I really can't find value in something that is extremely boring; and that's exactly what this film is. In fact, I wouldn't hold it against anyone if they shut it off in the middle of it and never bothered to see it through to the end. Hell, even I was tempted to, and generally, I can suffer through anything.

As for the individual stories, there could have been some promise in the ideas, but the execution is just lame; even by 80s cheese-fest standards. Had this movie felt more campy and fun, and not tried to take itself seriously, then maybe it would have been more tolerable.

Mad props on the use of a midget as a killer garden gnome though.

Recommended only if you have a group of friends to watch/mock with and some booze to help. Even then, be warned that this one is a tough watch.


1 1/2 out of 5
(The half is for the midget)


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