Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Piranha (2010)

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Summing It Up:

A "remake" of Joe Dante's classic B-Movie about a bunch of killer fish that terrorize a resort during its busy season.

Quick Thoughts: 
It's pretty hard to sum up my thoughts on Piranha. Part of this is because the movie does so well at delivering what it promises. Gore, tits, juvenile humor, and homages to it's 70s predecessor are present here in heaping doses. And that's exactly why it's such a fun movie.

Debating the merits of the film really feels like doing a critique of a porno flick. In other words, this really isn't the kind of film that needs to be analyzed, and those who are disappointed by it probably shouldn't have been watching it in the first place.

I initially saw the film theatrically, in its 3D incarnation, this past summer. I loved it then, and to be honest, I love it even more now. Part of that is probably because I didn't really think the 3D was very good (it was a bit distracting, and it made my head hurt at times), and part of it is likely because it's just such a fun movie. Honestly, they really don't make them like this anymore.

The Blu-ray looked and sounded excellent, but I've pretty much come to expect that from Sony's discs. In fact, it almost looks too good for what it is. However, Aja somehow manages to make a movie that looks like a mega-Hollywood production, but still feels like a ridiculous B-Movie from the 70s. Kudos to him once again. I have yet to be disappointed by his films; though, to be fair, I haven't seen Mirrors yet.

Anyway, if you're looking for a trashy movie with a lot of gratuitous violence, naked girls, and some great cameos, then this one is for you. I suggest watching it with a bunch of friends and some "adult substances," as that is probably the only way it would be more fun than it already is.

Oh yeah, and for those who were disappointed, what the hell were you expecting?


4 out of 5


hagiblog said...

This was the most fun I had in the theatre in 2010. It wasn't the best movie I saw but it was the best experience, rivaling that of Toronto After Dark screenings. I haven't gotten around to watching my Blu Ray yet but when I get a little ahead of my own reviews I'll have to throw it in. Maybe a Sunday viewing when the kids are gone is in order!

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