Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Outcast (2010)

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Directed By:
Colm McCarthy

Summing It Up:
Outcast tells the story of a young girl and a mysterious drifter who fall in love with one another. However, as they become closer, a beast begins killing those around them and a man with magical powers, whose intentions are unknown, begins closing in...

Quick Thoughts: 
If you want my full thoughts on the film and Momentum's Region 2 DVD release, then you should head over to The Blood Sprayer and check out my review (that link will take you directly to it). However, the gist of it is that Outcast features a concept that is very original, but it is flawed because it tries to tackle too much at once and manages to come up a bit short.

I really enjoyed the look and tone of the film, but the Director's attempt to build mystery and suspense overcomplicated the subject matter and, at times, made it hard to follow. Luckily, things pull together more towards the end, but the payoff is a bit too little and it comes too late. Does that kill the film? No, it doesn't, but it certainly keeps it from living up to the promise that it initially has.

Still, I have to give TV-Turned-Film Director Colm McCarthy credit for trying. Though the film is definitely uneven, it manages a lot on it's obviously small budget. Maybe it's just the growing pains that come from shifting to a longer format, or maybe the film was just overambitious... My guess is that Outcast's problems are a result of a little bit of both these things.

Still, regardless of its faults, I enjoyed the movie at least enough to stick with it. It's worth a watch, but in the end, it is far from spectacular.

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3 out of 5


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