Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bare Behind Bars [aka A Prisão] (1980)

IMDB Link:
A Prisão

Directed By:
Oswaldo de Oliveira

Summing It Up:
Women in a prison continually encounter sexual "abuse" and sadistic treatment at the hands of the warden, "nursing" staff, and the prison guards. Eventually, some escape from the depraved prison, only to be hunted by the Police.

Quick Thoughts: 
Wow. Just fucking wow.

I've seen bits and pieces of random "Women In Prison" films before, but I'd never bothered to sit down and watch a full one until my good friend, Kristy, brought over a DVD Screener for Arrow Video's release of the notorious Bare Behind Bars. Needless to say, this had everything I expected, only there was about 1000 times more of it than I ever thought would be present in a film of this type.

I may write up a full review for the site (if I do, I'll update this post with the link), but the gist of it is that this was one insane fucking movie. The entire thing is basically nothing but an excuse to show lots of naked chicks, lesbian sex, and absurd violence. Though there was a plot of sorts, the entire thing felt scattered and randomly strung together, but I suppose one doesn't watch films like this for the plot, now do they?

Anyway, in the end, Bare Behind Bars is basically a softcore porn; only the script and acting are even more horrid than even the worst of those. Still, the bizarreness of everything that happens in the film somehow makes it watchable, and it's not just because of the sex, as most of the girls are far from what I would consider to be attractive. There's just something about the mix of badly dubbed dialog, insanely illogical situations, and completely non-apologetic exploitation that is on display here that makes it hard to stop watching.

If you're looking for a well-made (or even a good) film, look elsewhere. However, if you want to see a sleazy piece of trash that is guaranteed to make you slap your forehead in awe, then Bare Behind Bars is for you.

Check out the clip below for a taste of what I mean. 


3 out of 5


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